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The Zerona Z6 is a full body fat-loss laser treatment that allows patients to target areas of stubborn fat, and is the first laser specifically designed for body contouring. The technology is FDA Market-Cleared, non-invasive and clinically tested. It provides an alternative fat loss treatment without the adverse side effects associated with surgical and other weight loss procedures like liposuction and body wraps. We will provide you with free consultation to determine if you are a candidate for the Zerona body contouring laser treatment and have any questions or concerns answered.

No Pain! No Bruising! No Downtime! Results in as little as 2 weeks!

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Zerona Z6 Laser Treatment


6 Treatments over 2 weeks


6 Treatemens over 2 weeks


15 Treatments - Notice the skin tightening! (Because there are no adverse side effects, you can do as many treatments as you would like to get your desired results.)


6 Treatments in 2 weeks