Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLT non-heatng) has been proven to be successful in treating many medical conditions with no side effects. LLLT has been used worldwide for over 50 years for the following conditions:

Chronic Non-Healing Wounds Chronic Joint Pain
Muscle Strains and Tears Degenerative Conditions

Post-Surgical Pain Tendon and Ligament Injuries
Bone Fractures Chronic Neck Pain
Chronic Shoulder Pain Carpal Tunnel Syndome

While patients can and do see results in as little as one visit, it is typically recommended to start with a block of 6 to maximize the anti-inflammatory effects over 2-3 weeks.


Are all lasers the same?

No. There are heavily researched wavelengths and doses of laser light that have been shown to be the most therapeutic and safest. Research demonstrates that lasers in the range of 630 – 830 nM and doses levels ranging from 0.5 – 10 J/cm2 to be the ideal “sweet spot” for optimal health benefits. This is the reason why the doctors at ACNC only use lasers that meet these specific requirements.

Are lasers safe?

Yes. When used in the ranges mentioned above lasers are one of the safest devices currently used in healthcare. They are non-ionizing, non-thermal, non-invasive, non- toxic applications so you don’t receive any harmful byproducts. When lasers get too powerful they serve a different purpose such as surgical lasers. These are not “cold lasers”. The only tissues that class 2 lasers are contraindicated with are directly onto the retina.

Does laser therapy hurt?

No. Cold laser does not give ANY perception. The only sensory perception the patient has is if the laser is used with other modalities like electrical stimulation. What are the differences between lasers and regular red light sources? Although red light does range in the same wavelengths as cold laser, it is just scattered photons of energy that aren’t easily absorbed into the body. Red light therapies like infrared do have some therapeutic value on the surface (like burn healing) but don’t have penetration and downstream tissue effects like parallel, coherent waves from true laser diodes.

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