Chiropractic Manipulation

The purpose of a chiropractic manipulation, or adjustment, is to decrease pain and inflammation and to increase the function and mobility of an injured or misaligned joint or spine segment. Dr. Witt uses a variety of adjusting techniques to better serve her patients. Diversified Technique is the "classic" technique and uses specific manual thrusts focusing on restoring normal biomechanical function. The Activator Technique can be used as an alternative to a hand adjustment. It delivers a very specific mechanical, low-force, high-speed adjustment to the body. This technique is used mostly for smaller joints or for patients who do not like the "cracking" sound. Other techniques used include Thompson Drop Technique and SOT.

Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation

Once your spine (joint) is in its correct position the surrounding ligaments / tendons need to be strengthened to prevent the injury from reoccurring. This can be accomplished with functional exercises and stretches and is customized to each patient's individual needs.

Soft Tissue Treatments

There are multiple massage therapists on site to assist in soft tissue treatment. They are specialists in Sports Specific Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and a number of other techniques. These techniques are used to assist in reducing muscle adhesions, tightness, and/or spasm.


Therapeutic taping can be used to either relax an overused muscle or to help facilitate an underused muscle. Taping can also assist with helping reduce swelling and inflammation by improving circulation. It can also reduce pain by taking the pressure off an injured area.

Postural Support

IntelliSkin PostureCue Performance Apparel is used to improve posture. The benefits of improving posture are enormous and include everything from looking better to feeling better to performing better. Click here for more information.

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